Hush my darling, the lions sleep tonight – in Stirling!

One of Stirling’s great attractions has got to be the Blair Drummond Safari park. It’s an immense estate that’s home to some of the world’s most rare, endangered and dangerous animals. It even has lions prowling in its long grass.

It’s those lions I have to thank for giving my young sons a quick introduction to reproduction. Our timing was perfect: We were lucky to see two lions as soon as we drove into their large enclosure. Barely seconds after we had stopped to take a close look from the comfort of our car, the lions started mating enthusiastically – which was puzzling to my wee sons, and an unforgettable family moment.

The park only opens from March, but if you want to book for some of the exciting educational programmes on offer for children (no, mating school isn’t on the list), we suggest you book soon because Blair Drummond offerings are hugely popular.

I’m seriously considering Safari School, a week-long course for young people aged 13-17 years, for my youngest. It looks like a fun way to spend five days in the summer.

You may be relieved to know that Safari School does not involve direct contact with the animals – because these certainly aren’t pets! – but does give a broad overview of zoo-related work including animal husbandry, enclosure design, enrichment, behavioural studies, training and nutrition.

Caveat: The course is not free, but it should be money well spent. For more information, see the list of children’s programmes on the Blair Drummond website.

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