Is your ancestor Robert the Bruce? Meet your long-lost cousin!

Scotland is a popular destination for ancestral tourists – people looking to reconnect with their ethnic roots. Stirling is at the centre of this tourism, with many individuals exploring their links to clans who originated in the nearby Highlands.

Some are fortunate enough to trace their families back to Scottish heroes, like Robert the Bruce. This was the case for Gale Brown, aged 94, who is arguably the closest you can get to Scottish royalty in the 21st century. Brown, from the USA, visited the Battle of Bannockburn site, Stirling, and partial burial ground of Robert the Bruce, at nearby Dunfermline Abbey, while he was staying in Scotland.

Robert the Bruce’s grandson, 19 generations down, stayed at Castle Walk Bed & Breakfast, a guest house built into Stirling’s medieval city walls during Mary Queen of Scots’ rein, on his heritage tour of Scotland where he shared his family history with delighted locals.

See the picture of him taking a rest at the B&B, which kindly shared the picture with us, and a recreation of Robert the Bruce. We can see the likeness! Can you?


Gale Brown, a US World War veteran who survived a nuclear explosion in Japan, came to connect with his Scottish roots in his mid-90s. He is believed to be a descendant of Robert the Bruce.

  • This blog post is sponsored by Stirling’s Castle Walk Bed & Breakfast, an historic 8-room guest house conveniently located in the Stirling Old Town. Book directly to claim a discount. Cite Stirling Life as the promo code.

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