Spotlight on Stirling

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Welcome to Stirling, Scotland’s beating heart.


Want to know what’s on in Stirling? Where to eat? Where to have fun? Where to have a taste of Scotland’s exciting history? Where to immerse yourself in modern Scottish culture and sport? Where to find the ghosts? Meet the people? Welcome to your one-stop shop for news and views on exploring, experiencing and enjoying Scotland in its special central city.

Stirling is a great base for short trips and historical stop-overs in Scotland. The characterful small town, the capital in a bygone era, is surrounded by interesting walking trails and unspoilt scenic spots. You can explore old battlegrounds, swim in crystal clear springs, build forts in medieval forests and find whisky distilleries and golf courses along the way.

Free fun for kids: Traditional sign-writing, boat-building

Not a lot in life is free, but here in Stirling there’s lots to keep your children engaged and excited. For starters this year, there’s a wonderful monthly session at the Engine Shed – you know, the fancy shed near our favourite cinema and peri-peri chicken restaurant. The heritage experts are on the look-out forContinue reading “Free fun for kids: Traditional sign-writing, boat-building”

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