Spotlight on Stirling

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Welcome to Stirling, Scotland’s beating heart.


Want to know what’s on in Stirling? Where to eat? Where to have fun? Where to have a taste of Scotland’s exciting history? Where to immerse yourself in modern Scottish culture and sport? Where to find the ghosts? Meet the people? Welcome to your one-stop shop for news and views on exploring, experiencing and enjoying Scotland in its special central city.

From mesmerising talks by a rock-scaling daredevil to kick-up-your-heels concerts starring Dolly Parton and friends…The Albert Halls, Stirling has a fantastic line up for 2020. See our Events section for more details!

Free fun for kids: Traditional sign-writing, boat-building

Not a lot in life is free, but here in Stirling there’s lots to keep your children engaged and excited. For starters this year, there’s a wonderful monthly session at the Engine Shed – you know, the fancy shed near our favourite cinema and peri-peri chicken restaurant. The heritage experts are on the look-out forContinue reading “Free fun for kids: Traditional sign-writing, boat-building”

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